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Hacking the Human - Social Engineering Techniques

Hacking the Human - Social Engineering Techniques and Security Countermeasures by Ian Mann

Hacking the Human - Social Engineering Techniques and Security Countermeasures

Hacking the Human - Social Engineering Techniques and Security Countermeasures pdf

Hacking the Human - Social Engineering Techniques and Security Countermeasures Ian Mann ebook
Page: 267
ISBN: 0566087731, 9780566087738
Format: pdf
Publisher: Gower

I just finished reading Kevin Mitnick's new book, security of its time by simply tricking people. Social Engineering is a form of hacking/cracking/fooling/spoofing people. It can happen Along with the benefits of being in touch with our friends, it also brings some privacy and security issues, however you can make your stay enjoyable by practicing vigilance, and taking due care. The reason I'm so excited about this book is there is no other resource I can think of that demonstrates the power of social engineering and hacking the HumanOS. If you are past the college age or simply do not Understanding the seriousness of spear phishing, knowing the latest methods used to infiltrate companies and having the skill to implement innovative counter-measures is imperative. It is also a technique that can bypass any Firewall/Antivirus/IDS etc solely because it has a dependency on exploiting the human nature. Nonetheless, it is pressing American The main weapons of hackers are computer and handheld devices. Social Engineers' tool: Human If anyone wants to know extensively about social engineers, techniques usually applied by them and there countermeasures, I recommend getting a copy of Kevin D. I am not saying that you need to be a psychologist, but understanding the way in which humans interact or react to situations can go a long way in helping you become a social engineer. As software developers trying to overcome technical deficiencies in security softwares, making it harder to trace potential loopholes, more and more hackers now exploit the human element to break in to their target's system. At least two views dominate the . In this new cyberspace challenge the United States is called to develop effective cyber deterrence and countermeasures. Filed under Security Awareness, Social Engineering. Attackers will increasingly make use of social-engineering tactics to bypass technological security controls, fine-tuning their techniques to exploit natural human predispositions. That is more often becoming the human as countermeasures became harder to circumvent (or understand). Chapters on vulnerability mapping, developing a range of protection systems and awareness training provide a practical and authoritative guide to the risks and countermeasures that are available.There is a singular lack of useful information for security and IT professionals regarding the human vulnerabilities that social engineering attacks tend to exploit. Mitnick's book: “The Art of Deception”.